Podcast with Jennifer Ho - "Anti-Asian Racism, Black Lives Matter, and COVID 19" - Institute for the Study of the Asia Pacific
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Podcast with Jennifer Ho – “Anti-Asian Racism, Black Lives Matter, and COVID 19”

Our Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies, Dr Bill Mihalopoulos, produced a Podcast with Professor Jennifer Ho – “Anti-Asian Racism, Black Lives Matter, and CCOVID 19


Dr Bill Mihalopoulos, Chief Editor of Japan Forum and lecturer for Asia Pacific Studies at UCLan spoke with Professor Jennifer Ho from the University of Colorado, Boulder and President of the Association of Asian American Studies about “Anti-Asian Racism, Black Lives Matter, and Covid 19”.


In the podcast Professor Ho talks about the origins of Asian American Studies and her professional and personal reflections on the rise of anti-Asian racism with the advent of COVID-19. Professor Ho also discusses the intersections between anti-Asian and anti-Black racism, providing historical context for how both are in service to white supremacy and how understanding these shared roots can create a common cause for antiracism work for all.


Her essay on this topic has been published online by Japan Forum.


Watch the podcast online on SoundCloud.

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