Photography Competition: Japanese Gardens in the North West - Institute for the Study of the Asia Pacific
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Photography Competition: Japanese Gardens in the North West

Photography Competition: Japanese Gardens in the North West

To celebrate the historical ties between Japan and the North West of England, the Institute for Japanese Studies (IJS) is hosting a photography competition. In collaboration with undergraduate students of photography, as well as local schools, we are aiming to capture all four seasons in Japanese gardens in our region.
We will be hosing a competition briefing on TEAMS on Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 4 pm. Join the briefing by using the QR code below.

The Project

To celebrate the relationship between Japan and England’s Northwest, this project aims to showcase the history and beauty of local Japanese gardens throughout the seasons.

We are inviting photography students to travel to a Japanese garden of their choice and document its seasonal change from spring to winter in 2022.

Prizes of up to £200 will be awarded and all submissions will be considered for our planned exhibition in spring 2023.

To Participate

  • Choose one Japanese garden from our list and email Dr Mareike Hamann ( with your garden of choice, your full name, and age before 5pm on the 14th March 2022.
  • Capture photos of your garden of choice in autumn, winter, spring and summer landscapes.
  • Submit your best photos (min. 4 – max. 10) by 27th January 2023
  • If you edit the photos (e.g. to enhance colours), include both the original and the edited versions.




  • By 14 March 2022 email your chosen one garden from the list, name, and age to Dr Mareike Hamann (


  • Your first visit to your chosen garden should take place in spring to capture the fleeting beauty of sprouting greens and blossoming trees.


  • Your second visit should take place in the summer. How does the garden look in the Summer heat, warm showers, or a gentle breeze? Capture the liveliness of this season.


  • Your third visit to your garden of choice should capture the colourful leaves and unique lighting of the Autumn Season.


  • Your forth and final visit to your garden of choice should be taken before the end of the Winter. Whether in snow, ice or rain, capture the tranquillity of the coldest season.
  • Submit your best photos (at least one from each season up to a maximum of 10) before the 27th January 2023

List of Parks:

  • Avenham Park (PRESTON)
  • Mawson Gardens (Fairhaven Lake)
  • Cyprus Point (ANSDELL)
  • Rivington Gardens (HORWICH/BOLTON)
  • Walkden Gardens (SALE)
  • Tatton Park (KNUTSFORD)
  • Giggle Alley (ESKDALE, lake district)



  • Best seasonal series of photos: Prize £200
  • Best single photo: Prize £100
  • “A moment in time”: prize £50
  • “Sky and earth”: Prize £50
  • “Foggy mornings”: Prize £50
  • “Twilight”: Prize £50

All submissions will be considered for the photography exhibition.

For more information or questions, contact Dr Mareike Hamann (