2021 Taiwan Festival - Literature Strand - Institute for the Study of the Asia Pacific
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2021 Taiwan Festival – Literature Strand

2021 Taiwan Festival – Literature Strand

The 2021 Taiwan Festival – Literature Strand will host talks from contemporary Taiwan authors, Shawna Yang Ryan and Wu Ming-yi and academics, Dr Gwennaël Gaffric, Dr Ti-han Chang, and Prof Niki Alsford showcasing a range of Taiwan Literature covering topics of climate change and migrants.

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Programme Plan

Day 1 March 18, 2021 (Thurs)

Location: TEAMS
Opening Remarks by Director of ISAP, Prof Niki Alsford

14:30- 16:30
Location: TEAMS
Authors’ Perspectives: Taiwanese Literary Writing- History, Memory and Migration
Shawna Yang Ryan, “Green Island: Speaking Back to History”
Wu Ming-yi, “Historical Experiences and/or Experiences of History: On Migration History and Memory of The Stolen Bicycle”

Conversation with Contemporary Taiwanese Writers (Ti-han Chang and Gwennaël Gaffric)
Q&A session


Day 2 March 19, 2021 (Fri)

Location: TEAMS
Public Lecture I: Migration, Environment and Taiwanese Literature
Gwennaël Gaffric, University of Lyon 3, “Migrants of tomorrow: Climate Refugees in Wu Ming-yi’s fiction”
Q&A session

Location: TEAMS
Round Table discussion: Understanding Taiwanese Identity through the Lens of Literature, Migration and Memory.
Interlocuters (in alphabetic order)

  • Niki ALSFORD, University of Central Lancashire
  • Ti-han CHANG, University of Central Lancashire
  • Gwennaël GAFFRIC, University of Lyon 3
  • Lara MOMESSO, University of Central Lancashire
  • Shawna YANG RYAN, University of Hawai’i at Maona
  • Ming-yi WU, University of Dong Hwa

Q&A session

Location: TEAMS
Concluding Remarks by event organiser, Dr Ti-han Chang

Taiwan Festival organised by the Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies (NorITS), under ISAP at UCLan. Partially funded by the Centre of Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX).